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Bitumen is a black and sticky substance of heavy hydrocarbon contents, a geological term that refers to the sticky, highly viscous semi-solid hydrocarbon present in most natural petroleum. It is alternatively called pitch, resin, and asphaltum. (Refer to an Asphalt)

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All About Bitumen and Asphalt specialises in the construction, repair and maintenance of all things bitumen and asphalt. Our recent projects include case studies in driveways, roads and car parks – for commercial and residential property owners, and others.

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In asphalt production bitumen plays a key role. The properties of paving bitumen and bituminous mixes can be improved by addition of certain additives or blends of additives. These additives are called "Bitumen Modifiers" and the bitumen premixed with these modifies is known as "Modified Bitumen…

Flat Roof Systems: Built-up Roof and Modified Bitumen

Nov 15, 2017 · Modified bitumen is a roofing membrane consisting of asphalt and plastic or rubber polymers, and is therefore widely considered an evolution of asphalt built-up roofing (BUR). Modified bitumen displays the built-in redundancy of asphalt built up, as well as the UV resistance and flexibility of a modified membrane.

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Byford Projects started in 2000 in the town of Quilpie, specialising in civil contracting works. In 2002, we relocated the business to Toowoomba and began specialising in bitumen and asphalt works. After 17 years, we now have a very strong customer base, with new projects predominantly being word of mouth referrals.

Asphalt Cement and Fuel Price Index, AASHTOWare Project

NJDOT, New Jersey Department of Transportation, AASHTOWare, project, software, estimation, asphalt, cement, fuel, price, index, preconstruction, expedite, civil ...

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Project Asphalt offers a comprehensive range of asphalting services at competitive prices and specialises in all types of driveways and residential applications. Commercial Projects With the resources to do any size job, we typically engage in larger scale projects including;

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China manufacturer of asphalt plant, concrete batching plant, bitumen plant, road maintainance equipment Products News Projects WhatsApp/Wechat:+86 18137858347

UAE launches road network project using recycled rubber

2019-04-29 · Rubber asphalt is pavement material that consists of regular asphalt concrete mixed with crumb rubber and used tyres, said the Ministry. It added that the project is part of its efforts to build a green road network in the UAE and develop a sustainable environment and infrastructure.

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PROJECTS Some of our completed and current projects: Grand Central Airport Project: Runway improvement Product/Service: Supply and apply THE Rejuvenator Date Completed: 2014 Edwin Civils Project: Oliviershoek Product/Service: Supply Emulsion and Prime Date Completed: 2015 Kamo Project: Silverton - Randfontein Product/Service: Asphalt Date Completed: 2015 Imvula Roads


D'AGUILAR HIGHWAY BITUMEN & ASPHALT WORKS project. Roads, Air runways, Surface car parks, Kerbs, Culverts, Elevated highways, Civil Engineering type at D'Aguilar Highway Caboolture Bypass, Caboolture, QLD 4510

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Based out of Kingston, we offer competitive prices for the surfacing of roads, driveways, sub divisions, car parks and commercial projects. Our services include the supply and placement of asphalt or bitumen surfacing, milling/profiling works and base preparation.

Various Lab Tests on Bitumen for Pavement Construction

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Road Materials and Pavement Design

(2015). Analysis of vacuum tower asphalt extender and effect on bitumen and asphalt properties. Road Materials and Pavement Design: Vol. 16, EATA 2015, pp. 90-110.

Asphalt vs Bitumen

Still unsure whether asphalt or bitumen is the right choice for your next resurfacing project? Call us on 0418 957 081 to get expert advice or continue on reading about the price difference between the two materials. Bitumen is cheaper… When you compare the price between bitumen and asphalt, bitumen is a clear winner.

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Bitumen World is a leading and reputable contracting company based in Zimbabwe. Ever since we opened for business, we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management, providing our clients with more than bituminous products, hot asphalt mix and road rehabilitation.

MEB 2019 | Connection Conference Connection Group

The Conference Connection Inc is pleased to announce the 9TH MIDDLE EAST BITUMEN/ASPHALT CONFERENCE 2019 (MEB) will be held in Dubai , UAE on 27 November 2019.. Following the success of MEB 2010 to 2017 which attracted 1,300 senior decision and key players in the bitumen/asphalt industry from more than 50 countries worldwide, MEB 2019 will continue to provide a platform for thought-provoking ...


PT WIJAYA KARYA BITUMEN. Commitment is made to keep the company consistenly striving to reach the company's vision and mission. PT WIKA Bitumen, as the producer of Buton natural asphalt, is committed to produce and develop the excellent product from Indonesia natural resources.

The Complete 7-Step Process for Asphalt Pavement Installation

Sep 28, 2016 · It is very rare to install an asphalt surface that does not connect to existing driveways, roadways or parking lots. As such, asphalt-paving contractors must find a way to smooth the transition from old surface to new. Butt joints are areas were old asphalt or concrete meets new asphalt pavement.

Asphalt & Bitumen

We can transform your unsightly or washed out driveways into a smooth uniform surface. For over 30 years now Custom Asphalt Driveways has consistently provided the best service, and the best value of asphalt laying projects throughout Brisbane, Sunshine

Repairing A Layer of Modified Bitumen Coating on Your Roof

2017-10-06 · Repairing A Rooftop with Modified Bitumen Coating. Determine the extent of the damage. The big issue with repairing a modified bitumen roof surface is the question of whether moisture has made its way into the asphalt layer and, if so, how much. It’s necessary to inspect the modified Bitumen Roof. If moisture damage has occurred, any affected ...

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New Hot Bitumen Storage Tank Construction Guidelines Jan 2012

constructing hot bitumen storage tanks, Owners/Operators should consult and hire suitably qualified engineering firms when initiating a new tank project. A qualified engineering firm will be knowledgeable in the design/construction process of hot bitumen storage tanks, including all applicable specifications, codes, and regulatory requirements ...

Best Road Construction Equipments, Tools & their Uses

Asphalt Mixing Plant is another important road construction equipment. If the project is a large one, then the asphalt mixing plant is set on the road construction site. In this process, the concrete asphalt including other materials including macadam and coated roadstone are mixed together in correct proportion.

Projects | Car park, Driveay, Pothole

All About Bitumen and Asphalt specialises in the construction, repair and maintenance of all things bitumen and asphalt. Our recent projects include case studies in driveways, roads and car parks – for commercial and residential property owners, and others.

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If you’re looking to build a new driveway on your property, All About Bitumen and Asphalt can work with you from the planning and design stages to completion. An asphalt driveway is a great solution that looks good, but is also built to last and is cost effective. Our full capability service ensures that this is achieved for every project we ...

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At All About Bitumen and Asphalt, we’ve tackled a variety of projects over the years, and discovered ways to solve the trickiest of problems. Take a look around – if you have any questions, or would like to have a chat about a project of your own, please get in touch. We’ll get back to you soon.

Norwegian WMA project – Low Temperature Asphalt 2011 Main

completed in 2011 a research project with Warm Mix Asphalt ~WMA (Lav Temperatur Asfalt – Low Temperature Asphalt). The WMA was produced at a reduced temperature of approximately 30 °C compared to ordinary Hot Mix Asphalt. The goal of the project was to reduce the workers' exposure to asphalt fumes without increasing the mechanical exposure or impair the bitumen quality. The …

Asphalt: prevention remains a priority

Asphalt: prevention remains a priority Solutions to better protect the health of employees Over three million tons of hot mix asphalt are spread on French roads every year. The use of this bitumen, made from distilled petroleum, can be a health hazard for workers.

The Effect of Asphalt Pavement on Stormwater Contamination

Project Number: IQP-PPM-0906 The Effect of Asphalt Pavement on Stormwater Contamination An Interactive Qualifying Project Report submitted to the Faculty of WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science by Andrew F. Nemeth Devon A. Ward Walter G. Woodington Date: May 28, 2010

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To Perform Penetration Test on Bitumen In this test we examine the consistency of a sample of bitumen by determining the distance in tenths of a millimetre that a standard needle vertically penetrates the bitumen specimen under known conditions of loading, time ...

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City Asphalt is Adelaide’s leading bitumen contractor. For over 30 years we’ve been involved in all types of works from residential driveway installations to large civil and commercial projects. We’re also hot on pothole repairs, line marking, car park repairs and garden bed removals.


Sep 11, 2015 · Lab Tests on Bitumen to Check Quality Various tests are conducted on bitumen to assess its consistency, gradation, viscosity, temperature susceptibility, and safety. There are a number of tests to assess the properties of bituminous materials. The following tests are usually conducted to evaluate different properties of bituminous materials. Penetration test Ductility test Softening point …

4 Major Phases In A Road Construction Project » Pickens

4 Major Phases In A Road Construction Project. ... After the concrete curb is totally dry, a base layer of asphalt is laid down for the main road or pathway. The ...

Effectiveness of Preservatives on Asphalt Mixtures Project

Mastic Asphalt (SMA) incorporating cellulose fibre and 40/60 grade paving bitumen. ADEPT, DIO and HA - Effectiveness of Preservatives on Asphalt Mixtures PROJECT REPORT December 2013 7 Approximately 2,000 kg of solids were collected from this work; around 100 kg of solids reserved for this study and a 5 kg sub-sample subjected to a further assessment. The appearance of the …

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Bulk Bitumen Storage Tank Project Site. Asphalt Plant Projects . The large storage tanks of various specifications and models can be made. We can choose different types and different materials storage tanks according to the proper...

Utilization of Recycled Asphalt Concrete with Warm Mix Asphalt

2015/1/9 · Asphalt mixtures containing bitumen with higher PI are more resistant to low temperature cracking as well as permanent deformation . The additives also reduce the viscosity of bitumen. This indicates that, all warm mix asphalt additives increase the workability ...


Bitumen & Additives. ANGDAL Asphalt Solutions can help you source the best bitumen, additives and aggregates for your projects all around the world. Read More.

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